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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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caught on tape, a bank robber take as woman hostage
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holding a gun to her head. >> tonight the dramatic video as the woman trying to get away. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. this is what people are talking about tonight. >> it looked like a scene out of a block buster movie but it was real life. a man tries to rob a bank and takes people hostage. >> reporter: the would be bank robber was in the bank for less than 14 minutes, by the time he got out he had with him a female teller who he used as a human shield against all of the officers who were there waiting poised to shoot him. a hooded gloved masked gunman takes a gun teller hostage in tacoma park friday morning. 11 officers are standing by, guns drawn as a hispanic man in his 40s, points a nine millimeter gun in the morning.
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the woman stays calm, the suspect flips and she takes offer. >> he started running, that's when i layed down on the ground. >> reporter: one officer was grazed on the leg. >> you have to make an immediate response. >> reporter: forensics respond if the nine millimeter was working, the man did not fire but did pistol whip a customer inside the bank who tried to step in to help. when the customer stepped in he had money from inside the bank. but an employee had put a red die pack that's what you see explode on the video. >> i'm sure this individual is going to spend a short period of time. did not want to go behind a bullet vest, did not want to take a hostage, but it was chaotic. obviously this individual was not making correct decisions at this time. >> reporter: this busy plaza is not where people would have expected a robbery. >> somebody is going to think that he's going to do it and
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just walk away? and i mean just not to even consider. >> it's insane. the video, the man was probably out of his mind. >> reporter: investigators say they also found two devices that the man had, they were fake made out of cooper wires and duck tape. as for the female hostage, she's hope. the only injury she received from this whole ordeal was a scrape on her elbow. >> thank you, kelly. the montgomery police department will investigate. the suspect's name is not being released until his family is notified. a few days later and many residents still digging out from that big snowstorm. this is a too familiar site. most of the main streets are clear but side streets like this are still a mess. bob turk is staying on top of the forecast but first let's
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check with weijia jiang with another huge concern about power outages, weijia jiang. >> all these trucks you see behind me are actually from crews hundreds of crews from out of state here assisting bge because they say they are so many power outages that it made this storm worse than the back to back blizzard from last year. for the first time since they've lost power on wednesday night, the harrison family is leaving their house to stay with family. >> we slept in the cold and it's not good. >> it's been very cold, quiet and dark. our homes are very vulnerable. there's no police presence here. people cannot use their facilities, food has already spoiled. >> we pay bills just like everyone else, we need our lights on. they are 200,000 marylanders that lost their power. despite of many trees that fell on top of power lines. >> i haven't gone any where because of the trees.
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>> every time i call they are like we'll be there, we'll be there, we'll be there. >> i don't understand what's taking so long to get this section turned on. it's freezing. >> reporter: of course it's not just power outages causing problem, even days after the storms a lot of these side streets have not seen a snowplow which makes for a dangerous situation for drivers. >> so if you don't have really good four wheel drive yourself stuck here. >> reporter: some vehicles are still stuck on the side of the road after drivers abandoned them in gridlock. signs of frustration all around. >> seems like the forgotten community. >> after pulling 12 to 14 hour days, the crews will be back to work at 6:00 in the morning to restore power to about 7,000 customers who are still in the dark. bge says by the latest the harrison family should be back up and running tomorrow. weijia jiang. >> let's go right other to the first weather center where bob has our forecast. >> reporter: tomorrow will be much like today. a little bit of snow here and
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there. take a look at radar, here's a system right now. heading down the south and southeast. it has some snow with it, most of it however will pass to our north. because this system is actually going to be passing just across portions of pennsylvania. we'll be in the very southern edge of it. so we might see a few showers, probably less than what we saw this afternoon. but there might be a more significant system making it's way here by next week. i'll tell you what you can expect with our full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> wjz is always on, for updating on the forecast any time and details on closings and delay, log on to tonight, chaos in cairo after violent clashes between tens of thousands protesters and police sweep egypt. tonight the army joined police using tear gas and rubber
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bullets to try and contain angry crowds. a national curfew is in effect. there are reports of 800 injured as officials demand the end of corruption, abuse, crippling unemployment and opposing the president. >> will not address the grievances of the egyptian people. and suppressing idea never succeed in making them go away. what's needed right now are concrete steps that advance the rights of the egyptian people. a meaningful dialogue between the governor and its citizens. >> and bobarack is threatening to flood the streets with troops. the white house says it will cut the foreign aid it sends to egypt if egypt continues to use violence to contain the protesters. >> reporter: and the dow lost 166 points, closing at 11,823. the s & p fell 23 points and the nasdaq fell 68 points.
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today caps a down week for the dow, the first down week in more than two months. vanished without a trace, it was exactly one month ago when a 17-year-old girl from north carolina disappeared here in baltimore. tonight mike hellgren with a new plea from her mother and a new reward being offered. felicia barns vanished from her home two months ago. now there's a new $10,000 reward. >> it's priceless, there's no words in the dictionary to express my appreciation. felicia's mom praised her daughter's class mates for raising the money and spoke about the investigation -- classmates for raising the money. >> the baltimore police keep in touch with me to let me know that they are still out there looking but there's still nothing. >> reporter: felicia was staying with her sister in an apartment. her mom says communication with that side of the family was cut off after what she told police about bad behavior at the apartment.
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>> she said, well i only let her drink one time. and it was, it was vodka to let her open up to me. so she can talk to me. so, my thought was, you had to get her drunk to get her to open up with you. >> reporter: police say they have no suspects. >> everywhere we went, it still turned out to be a dead end just like now. >> reporter: investigators have found no physical evidence, no trace of the teenager and her friends are devastated. >> i love her and i'm praying for her. i just want her to come home. >> we have everybody involved in this case, the fbi, homicide, maryland state police. all of our partners that were here from day one will continue to be here and when asked this morning, the head of homicide said we're going to keep up with this pace as long as we have to. >> police hope this new reward will bring in new tips. reporting from headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and of course we will keep following this case and we'll let you know as soon as felicia
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is found. a baltimore father who is missed, he threw his 3-year-old son off the key bridge, is sentenced to 60 years in prison. that's the maximum prison a judge was able to give nelson. the man pled guilty to the death of his son. he claims deamonds made his throw his child to his death. tonight turner's father says she is happy it is all over. >> i have justice for my son. i have justice for my family. we finally have close sure. my son can now rest in peace. >> nelson is being referred for possible mental health treatment. he will be eligible for parol. nearly $9,000 that's how much money an anne arundel county man accused of stealing political signs is paying the county. in our security video, you can see a man trying to remove a proslots sign when police pull up and arrest him.
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police say 50-year-old david corrigan had 70 other signs in his pickup truck. unconstitutional. a federal judge says a baltimore law that requires crisis pregnancy centers to postabortion signs violates the constitution. the law which took effect in 2009 calls for all crisis pregnancy centers to postsigns in their officers saying they do not provide abortion. arch bishop o'brien filed a lawsuit against the city. eat up baltimore, restaurant week just got a little longer. the deal is you get a three course meal for $33.11. for a list of restaurants are
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extending is posted on and then call denise and me. and charlie sheen is arrested, to be the what this means for his show. and i'm pat warren, coming up, how much do you think you should have to pay for a speeding ticket? a little snow possible tomorrow, and more possible next week. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 34-degrees and cloudy in central maryland. police release surveillance video of a gun battle that took place in one of their precinct. several offers returned fire and came face to face with the gunman. moore was killed in the gunfight. four officers were injured but all are expected to recover. remembering the challenger. it was 25 years ago the seven
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members of the flight crew died. including a teacher. the widow of the commander spoke telling people to always look to the future. one of the mysteries in the death of wheeler has beensoever -- been solved. wheeler died of blunt trauma. toxicology tests have been completed but the results have not yet been released. the 66-year-old was an advisor to president reagan, also in both bush administrations, also led the effort to build the vietnam memorial in washington. the governor has proposed a bad driver tax. lawmakers want to put a break on the tax that has drivers paying more for moving violations. >> reporter: mike slaton and
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cindy randall came to renew their license to learn that they may be paying more taxes for driving a car. >> i think that's a crack of you know what. but i can't say that word. i don't like that idea at all. at all. >> reporter: caught speeding more than once in two years that's five points times $100 a point. fifty dollars a year for three years, $1,500. >> that's the fine. that's a big fine for people to pay. >> even bigger offenses mean even bigger annual payments to the state. fail to pay and you lose your license. >> you can try to suspend the case. the judge will fine you $250. might send you to jail but when you get out you will owe him another $700 for three years, that's $2,700. >> people are having a hard
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enough time making ends meet without people tacking more. >> some of the stuff they are cutting i don't like either. >> governor o' malley. >> typically it's an exception. >> reporter: when is a fee not attached? when you're the guy proposing it. reporting from annapolis, i'm pat warren, now back to you on television hill. lawmakers propose increasing existing fines that drivers cannot appeal. troubled actor charlie sheen has voluntarily entered a rehabilitation center. his spokesperson did not provide any additional information. the 25-year-old was briefly hospitalized in october after trashing a new york city hotel. cbs says the filming of two and a half men will go on hiatus.
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a gorilla shows he can put one foot in front of another. zoo keepers do not know why he prefers to walk up right, but they say that he enjoys listening to the song, walk like a man. >> let's see how long he does it when he gets much much bigger. thousand pounds or something. let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region. actually warmed up the last hour or two. 34, we're above freezing now. the barometer has been kind of rising a little bit. humidity is way up. we've seen fog in a couple of spots, all this moisture in the ground with a little bit of warmer air coming in. that's when you get fog forming in some areas. we've seen that. 35 up in elkton. 33 ocean city, 28 packs river. 30 and 19 the cold spot out in
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oakland. winds right now turned a little bit more to the west. we see 14, the breeze is helping you keep things really cleared out temporarily. we've seen some breaks in the clouds but still a lot of a low deck clouds in the region, not that high when you go above those is totally clear. we may stay in some clouds the rest of the night. that system that came through today with a little bit of snow, some areas picked up a slight accumulation on the old snow. what we're looking at now is this next system, a quick little clipper comes outs of minnesota. do you see it across the great lakes, now it's over michigan. it's going to go over us tomorrow. most of it will be well north of us, so we'll be in the seven, newer to the baltimore area. we may see a few snow showers. temperatures normally are going to be in the mid-30s. sunday, cooler but we will see
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some sunshine in the second part of the weekend. then we'll be tracking a system that will give us additional precept next week. southwest winds at five to 10 knots. the bay temp still around 33 degrees. tomorrow night, cloudy to partly cloudy. tomorrow, we'll see clouds and sun, maybe a snow shower or two. 36 for the high, a little warmer actually. more sun on sunday, colder on monday. tuesday a chance of snow, and we see perhaps a mixed precipitation event. >> mixed precipitation. all right, thank you bob. check in with gigi barnett and tim williams tomorrow morning on eyewitness news starting tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another ravens update from mark. >> and the ravens officially announced the newest edition to that coaching staff, terrell austin is going to coach the defensive backs. he leaves his job as defensive coordinator at the university of florida to come to baltimore. austin previously coached for the seahawks and cardinals. he played at the university of pittsburgh. and speaking of spr-g, steelers fanned went to heinz field . the packers by the way were in their indoor practice field in wisconsin today. the first work out after a four day rest that followed their conference victory over the bears. packers listed as a slight favorite in the match up. both the packers and steelers
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head to dallas on monday. women's college basketball in college park tonight. maryland ranked 14th in the nation. cruising past wake forest in a conference game. terps freshman alyssa thomas. big pass, working the lane here. the áf she scored 14 of her team high 19 points in the first calf. maryland goes on to down to demon beacons. terps improve. the maryland men will play georgia tech monday night. and the denver nuggets at cleveland tonight. mello has the hot hand here with the jumper. anthony drives for two more in the second half. he finished with a high of 23 points. the cleveland cavaliers have lost 19 games in a row. pga golf in san diego -- tiger woods has a history of playing
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well. here tiger finished up with a second straight round of two under par. that puts lead for a tie at 12. john daily and his wild wardrobe. daily a colorful wardrobe. here with a birdie putt on six. we're looking forward to seeing fans and oriole and we'll feel warm talking about baseball tonight. >> and we'll be inside. one man shows how to give 100%, that's up next. ,,,,,,,,, ♪ stinky
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it's a romantic table for two. the same place where a piano was found earlier this week. the sand bar has gone from a piano bar to a lounge. watch closely as members of the dunk squad start their routine. first performer acts like a basketball. goes through the hoop himself. that's worth another look. it may be the first time ever someone dunks the ball and dunks himself at the same time. >> we understand that really was not planned. that wasn't supposed to happen. >> he survived it. >> yeah, w w,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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